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  • Electrical Storage: Safe Contacts between Battery Cells by Laser Beam Welding

    Oscillation laser welding creates safe electrical contacts between battery cells.

    The Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT has developed a new laser welding technology for temperature-sensitive cylindrical battery cells that is now ready for series production. Since 2009 the experts from in Aachen, Germany have been working on battery joining – the process of connecting individual cells into packs. They are currently working with other Fraunhofer Institutes to put together a complete battery pack.

  • Femto Photonic Production: New techniques using ultrafast lasers for the manufacturing of tomorrow

    Cutting thin glass using an ultrafast laser.
  • Short Laser Pulses for Material Deposition with Cold Spray Technology

    High-speed deposition of copper on aluminum segments

    In a new EU-funded project, ultra-short laser pulses modify material surfaces so that metal powder from a cold gas jet can adhere more easily. With Cold Spray Technology, coating lightweight materials such as plastics or carbon fiber reinforced plastic (CFRP) becomes significantly simpler. The EU research project “Efficient Manufacturing of Laser-Assisted Cold-Sprayed Components” (EMLACS) unites five partners from industry and research who want to extend low-pressure cold gas spraying to new applications.

  • Power scaling and versatility of USP lasers: opportunities and challenges for precision manufacturing

    Creating microstructures on glass using an ultrafast laser.
  • International Conference on Turbomachinery Manufacturing ICTM in Aachen/Germany

  • BMBF’s Digital Photonic Production research campus opens with a key moment

    High-tech key moment at Aachen (left to right): Dr. Nicolas Vortmeyer (CTO of Siemens’ Power and Gas division), Christian Hinke (Managing Director of the Digital Photonic Production research campus), Rudolf Henke (member of the German Bundestag) and Thomas Rachel (parliamentary state secretary at the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research) marvel at an aluminum key made using a 3D printer at the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT.
  • Sino-German Symposium on Laser Additive Manufacturing and Processing of High-Performance Materials

    The collected attendees of the recent Sino-German Symposium in front of the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT, Aachen/Germany.
  • LASHARE offers additional opportunities for cooperation to SMEs and industrial companies

  • Cost-effective manufacturing of large-volume components now possible with combined SLM and casting method

    Tool cavity of tool steel, made with SLM and filled with grey cast iron.
  • Selective laser melting: New machine design and exposure concept facilitates scalable productivity and building space


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