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Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT






  • LASHARE offers additional opportunities for cooperation to SMEs and industrial companies

  • Cost-effective manufacturing of large-volume components now possible with combined SLM and casting method

    Tool cavity of tool steel, made with SLM and filled with grey cast iron.
  • Selective laser melting: New machine design and exposure concept facilitates scalable productivity and building space

  • New industrial research technique for analyzing gallium nitride on the nanometer scale

    Near-field microscope with a fragment of a gallium nitride wafer.
  • Prof. Poprawe receives the 2014 Arthur L. Schawlow Award of the Laser Institute of America LIA

    Prof. Reinhart Poprawe (middle) is honored with the 2014 Arthur L. Schawlow Award.   Left: Peter Baker, LIA Executive Director,  Right: LIA President Yongfeng Lu.
  • Joining ultra-high-strength chromium steels reliably with laser technology

    Microstructure of weld in 1.4034.
  • UKP Workshop: Ultrafast Laser Technology 2015: Save the Date!

    UFP parallel processing with multiple-beam technology.
  • 1st Conference on Laser Polishing LaP 2014

  • International Laser Technology Congress AKL’14: Digital Photonic Production taking big strides forward

  • Production of organic electronics strongly benefits from laser patterning and welding


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