Düsseldorf  /  November 18, 2019  -  November 21, 2019


Laser-based Process Chain for the Manufacturing of a Microfluidic Chip

Microfluidic systems are used for the transport, filtration and mixing of very small quantities of liquids in the micro and picolitre range. The use of high-precision laser radiation opens up new potentials for the production of tailor-made microfluidic components:

Generation of complex channel structures and cutting of the chip using CO2 laser radiation

Media density absorber-free welding by means of long-wave near infrared laser radiation in the range 1600 - 2000 nm

Targeted laser polishing of selected areas using CO2 laser radiation for high transparency, e.g. for spectroscopic measurements

Laser technology makes it possible to economically produce individual microfluidic chips in small batch sizes and to tailor them to a wide variety of applications.

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