Heat Treatment

Laser heat treatment can be used for local hardening and local softening of metallic components. Fraunhofer ILT is equipped with laser beam sources from 1 to 12 kW for heat treatment. A temperature control ensures exact and reproducible results.

Our services include feasibility studies for customized applications, integration of laser heat treatment into production lines and consulting for customized machine concepts.


Our Brochures covey a quick insight to the service »Heat Treatment«. Further information and detailed project results can be found below at the »Project Results« tab.

Products and Services Heat Treatment

Process development

  • Customized solutions for laser hardening
  • Local softening of high strength sheet material and formed parts
  • Hybrid processes (e.g. cutting and softening)
  • Local heat treatment


  • Ultra high strength steels
  • Cold rolled steels
  • Non-ferrous metals

System technology

  • Consulting
  • Process installation at customer’s site
  • Cooperation with various laser and system providers


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