Products and Services Soldering


  • Soldering of electrical components
  • Laser beam soldering in photovoltaics for the electrical interconnection of solar cells


  • Brazing of sensitive inserts in tool industries
  • Brazing in sensor technologies for high temperature applications
  • Brazing of complex sheet metal structural components

Transient-Liquid-Phase Bonding (TLP Bonding)

  • Laser-TLP Bonding as an innovative technique for an overall contact of thermally loaded components

Glass Soldering

  • Large sized, hermetical sealing of glass-glass composites (up to 100 x 100 mm²)
  • Packaging of dissimilar materials for sensor applications (ceramic-glass, silicon-glass)

System Technology and Optical Design for Soldering Applications

  • Optical design of processing optics for soldering and brazing
  • Design of process control algorithms for soldering applications based on pyrometric and camera-based sensors
  • Online quality control during laser beam brazing for the detection of seam defects in the automotive sector


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