Optics Design

Products and Services Optics Design

Optics Design

  • Imaging and non-imaging optical systems for coherent and incoherent systems
  • Micro optical systems
  • λ from UV to IR and average power up to multi kW
  • Tolerance analysis
  • Design for production and assembly

Opto-mechanical Design

  • FE analysis of opto-mechanical assemblies
  • Calculation and correction of laser-induced thermal lenses
  • Mechanical design of high power optics
  • Fast scanning systems for high power lasers

Tailored Intensity Profiles

  • Beam transformation
  • 1D and 2D homogenization
  • Application-specific optics for pumping, hardening, polymer welding, brazing and cleaning

Assembly of Optical Systems

  • Production measurement technology for optical systems
  • Algorithms and methods for automated alignment and assembly
  • Qualification of optical systems


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