Nonlinear Optics and Tunable Lasers

Products and Services UV-, VIS- and Tunable Lasers

Nonlinear Optical Frequency Converters

  • For solid-state, fiber and diode lasers
  • Efficiency-optimized setups for all operation modes from cw to ultrafast pulses and for pulse powers up to 100 MW
  • Based on various NLO media with quasi- or birefringent phase-matching, with and without waveguide structures
  • Output wavelength from UV to MIR
  • Average power from the milliwatt level to several hundred watts

Tunable Lasers

  • UV to NIR: widely tunable, narrow linewidth lasers and frequency converters with nanosecond pulses
  • MIR: tunable OPG and OPA with picosecond pulses

Business Activities

  • Technology consulting and patent research
  • Performance modeling and design
  • Feasibility studies and characterization of laser sources and components
  • Development of prototypes


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