Microfluidic Systems

Products and Services Microfluidic System

Design of the Microfluidic System

  • Design of microfluidic structures suitable for manufacturing

Material Selection and Modification

  • Selection of the most suitable materials (polymers, silicon, glass, ceramic, metal or hybrid systems)
  • Surface modifications such as hydrophobic, hydrophilic surfaces and surface micro-structuring

Prototype Development 

  • Production of microfluidic prototype systems in the shortest amount of time
  • Rapid manufacturing inserts for high precision microinjection molding

Joining and Assembly

  • Sealing of microfluidic systems with low mechanical or thermal damage

Serial Production of Microfluidic Systems

  • Manufacturing of microfluidic systems in corresponding chemical and bio-medical laboratories
  • Development and construction of turnkey production machines

Functional Tests and Quality Assurance

  • Air and liquid tightness tests
  • Tensile tests


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