Program Overview Day 1

Program Wednesday, October 12, 2022
Digital Event


The 5th Conference on Laser Polishing LaP 2022 conference will be held online and in English. The moderator will also lead through the event in English.


Status: July 28, 2022

Welcome & Introduction
Dr. Edgar Willenborg
Combination of Innovative Glass Processing Methods for Complex Component Geometries
Thomas Schmidt, Anett Jahn, Stefan Fricke, Daniel Conrad, Oliver Seidel, Susanne Kasch
Process Control and Tool Path Planning in Laser Polishing of Optics
Manuel Jung, Tobias Brunner
13.55 Simultaneous Figuring and Polishing of Glass using Femtosecond Lasers
Gong Chen, Dr. Jie Qiao, Chester F. Carlson
14:20 Precision Form Correction of Laser Polished Fused Silica Surfaces by Laser Beam Figuring
Emrah Uluz
14:45 Break
15:15 Studies on the Removal of Scratches Introduced in a Defined form on Fused Silica Surfaces
Dr. Kerstin Götze, Prof. Jens Bliedtner, Theresa Kalinowski, Marcel Binder
15:40 Laser Recovery of Subsurface Damage in Structured Surfaces of Single-Crystal Silicon
Prof. Jiwang Yan
16:05 The Effect of the Infrared Laser Pre-Heating on Ultraviolet Picosecond Laser Polishing of SiC
Dr. Bowei Luo, Yongquan Zhou, Mingjun Liua, Prof. Haibing Xiaoa, Prof. Wei Zhang
Processing Strategies for Laser Polishing of Polymer Parts
Karsten Braun
16:55 Summary Day 1
Dr. Edgar Willenborg
17:00 End of LaP 2022
The organizer reserves the right to change the program.