Technology Focus Digitalization


The technology focus “digitalization” is closely linked to the activities in laser and optics development, laser material processing, medical technology and biophotonics, laser measurement technology and EUV technology as well as quantum technology, among others. It combines competencies in digital production around laser technologies – from design-to-production to digital twin solutions and smart simulation to fog and edge computing.

The experience and competence we have gained from the fields of laser development and laser process technology is combined with the digital competencies of modelling, simulation, data processing, data storage and integration. Together they enable us not only to offer customer-specific and technologically new solutions, but also to digitalize them. Accordingly, the technology focus is characterized by an integrated view of processes and procedures – from modelling to data integration.

The range of services offered by the technology focus digitalization includes the secure and transparent documentation of workflows, versioned documentation, commercial modelling methods adapted to specific system solutions and simulation models based on real conditions. In this way, the technological process can be digitally mirrored right from the start – from the process design to production.

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Equipment in the focus area digitalization

Fraunhofer ILT offers its customers and partners competencies and infrastructure for digitization. Services range from the numbering of specialized computer systems for computing on the edge to isolated test environments for integration experiments.

High Performance Computing Systems

  • NVIDIA DGX Station (most current TensorFlow releases)
  • GPU Cluster (CUDA compatible)
  • Compute Cluster (VMware ESXI)

System Environment (shared/isolated)

  • Digital document management system
  • GitLab source code versioning system with CI Integration (with customised runners)
  • Laser-based manufacturing systems with full connectivity (from SPS to ERP)
  • Application environment for Industrial Data Space Applications (IDS Connector Topology)
  • Software development environments for C++, VHDL, Python, PHP, Java
  • Runtime environments for applications in virtualised containers
  • VLAN Technology with 802.1X Authentication
  • Routing with secure access to the internet or point-to-point connections for IP-restricted connectivity
  • Certificate management for TLS connections between facilities – virtual, on premise or between locally separated locations
  • VPN access point for connections to corporate networks (external sandbox)

Storage and Network Technology

  • NVMe SSD Storage systems with fiber connectivity and dedicated volumes (AES encryption on demand)
  • L3-switches for isolation of networks (optionally physical separation)
  • 100 GigaBit Ethernet via fibres from manufacturing systems to central storage and processing locations