Mission Statement

We conduct applied contract research

This means we turn original ideas into innovative and disruptive solutions, enable our partners to develop competitive solutions to complex technological challenges and thus increase the competitiveness of our customers.

We train excellent and competent experts and thus contribute to the competitiveness of Germany as a location for industry and science.

We unleash the versatility of laser technology

We are the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT and our experts are competent, excellent and world leaders in application-oriented research and development of laser technology and its applications for industry and science. 

We unleash the versatility of laser technology and drive the long-term development of a complex technology trend.

We focus on what our customers need

We place great emphasis on discretion, fairness and partnership in our customer relations. According to the requirements and expectations of our customers, we develop solutions and implement them. We want our customers both to be pleased and pleased to return to us.

We work in a dynamic equilibrium between applied basic research and development.

Our expertise extends from developing beam sources, pro-cessing and measuring technologies, via applying them all the way to integrating a plant within the customer’s production line. We work in a dynamic equilibrium between applied basic research and development. We actively formulate and design research policy goals. 

Our broad spectrum of resources enables us to offer one-stop solutions

We deliver innovative and cost-effective solutions and offer you R&D, consulting and integration. We solve our customers’ tasks in multi-disciplinary teams using diverse and innovative facilities. 

Fascination laser

We are fascinated by the unique properties of laser light and the diversity of applications resulting from them. We are excited by the possibility of setting international standards through leading technological achievements and first-time industrial implementation.

Our success is based on the interaction of the individual and the team.

Each one of us works independently, creatively and oriented toward a specific goal. All the while, we proceed reliably, with attention to detail and are aware of the need  to conserve resources. We place our individual strengths in  the team and treat our colleagues with respect and fairness. We work together, across disciplines.

By concentrating on our core competencies, we expand our knowledge in our networks strategically.

We strengthen our network consisting of industrial and institutional partners with complementary services and establish strategic partnerships. We increasingly operate on international markets.

Cooperative, demanding and supportive

Our management style is based on knowing the value of our employees as individuals, of their know-how and commitment. We have  our employees formulate targets and make decisions. We place great value in effective communication, goal-oriented and efficient work as well as in making clear decisions.