Semiconductor technology

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In semiconductor technology, lasers perform a variety of crucial tasks: From the structuring and processing of semiconductor materials such as silicon and gallium arsenide to the ablation and deposition of thin film layers and the doping and activation of materials, lasers play a central role. They are also used for processing wafers and for thermal processes such as the targeted melting of materials. These versatile applications make it possible to manufacture semiconductor components with high precision and quality, thus significantly advancing the development of modern electronic devices and technologies.

Displays of the future

Fraunhofer ILT is conducting intensive research into robust display solutions for mobile electronics. Special attention is paid to thin, flexible ceramic displays.

Innovative laser processing techniques can be used to create specific structures in the ceramic that reflect light at certain angles. This enables precise control of the display properties and opens up completely new possibilities.


Laser impulse melt bonding (LIMBO) enables users to join thick copper connectors to thin metallizations without damage on sensitive substrates in electromobility and high-performance electronics.

Precise and thermally gentle bonding is achieved by energetically separating the melting and contact phases and using laser beam modulation.

Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) radiation

Metrology in semiconductor technology requires the use of new, more powerful measurement processes as complexity increases and structure dimensions drop below 100 nm.

Extreme ultraviolet (EUV) radiation can be used to investigate nanoscale gratings whose structural dimensions are in the same order of magnitude or below the wavelength of the measuring radiation.

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