Konferenz  /  18. April 2023

ET Industrial Advisory Board Meeting

Key technologies are developed for a third-generation gravitational wave detector, also known as Einstein Telescope, in the context of the E-TEST project. Gravitational wave detectors provide an alternative view into interstellar processes, such as the collision of stars and supernovae, which can be detected by specific signatures in the form of gravitational waves. The Einstein telescope and E-TEST are pushing the technology beyond the current state of the art in many areas, both for the prototype of interferometer and for geological investigation of the subsurface.


As part of E-TEST, we have established a joint ET Industrial Advisory Board (joint ET IAB) with the ETpathfinder and ET2SMEs projects to facilitate close collaboration with various industrial partners, both SMEs and large companies from Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. The unique cross-border ecosystem of high-tech research and innovative SMEs that characterizes the extended Euregio Meuse-Rhine, shall be directly involved in the development of new technologies that the Einstein Telescope will urgently need in the next decade. This includes technologies such as lasers, mirrors & coatings, crygenics, vacuum and high-precision mechanics.


If you are interested in participating and in more information you are invited to attend the next ET IAB in Aachen at the Fraunhofer ILT on the 18th of April.