Program Overview Day 2

Program Thursday, Oktober 13, 2022
Digital Event


The 5th Conference on Laser Polishing LaP 2022 conference will be held online and in English. The moderator will also lead through the event in English.


Status: July 28, 2022

Introduction & Welcome back!
Dr. Edgar Willenborg
Laser Polishing of Additive Manufactured γ-TiAl Surfaces Produced by Electron Beam Melting
Dr. Safak Nesli, Prof. Oguzhan Yilmaz, Levent Subasi, Aydemir Gunaydin, Dr. Guney Mert Bilgin, Dr. Akin Orhangul, Guray, Akbulut, Kubilay Yildirim, Hakan Demir
Conduction vs. Keyhole Mode Laser Polishing of Additively Manufactured Surfaces
Dr. Brodan Richter, Kevin Klingbeil, Dr. Tim Radel, Prof. Frank E. Pfefferkorn
13:55 Reducing Waviness of Laser Polished AM Parts via De-Structuring by Laser Remelting
Laura Kreinest, Moritz Küpper
14:20 Effect of Laser Polishing on SLM-Inconel 718 Fatigue Property
Yimang Wang, Jikui Zhang, Prof. Yingchun Guan
14:45 Break
15:15 Laser Deburring of Sheet Metal Parts for Enhanced Mechanical Properties
Dongsong Li, Stefanie Linnenbrink, Dr. Judith Kumstel
15:40 Recent Developments of Feed-Forward, Recurrent, and Convolutional Neural Networks for Modelling, Evaluation, and Prediction of the Surface Quality of the Laser Polished Parts
Prof. Evgueni V. Bordatchev, Wu Hc, Srdjan J. Cvijanovic SJ, Jack Beyfuss, Prof. Remus O. Tutunea-Fatan, Sven Linden, Dr. Edgar Willenborg, Laura Kreinest
16:05 Thermo-Dynamic Instabilities During Laser Polishing and their On-Line Thermal Emission Monitoring
Daniel Beyfuss, Wu H, Prof. Evgueni V. Bordatchev, Prof. Remus O. Tutunea-Fatan
Observing Melt Pool Dynamics during Laser Polishing of Surface Features using In-Situ High-Speed X-ray Imaging
Patrick J. Faue, Brodan Richter, Hemant Agiwal, Marius Moeller, Lewin Rathmann, Kevin Klingbeil, Samuel J. Clark, Kamel Fezza, Dr. Tim Radel, Prof. Frank E. Pfefferkorn
16:55 Summary and Outlook
Dr. Edgar Willenborg
17:00 End of LaP 2022
The organizer reserves the right to change the program.