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Increasing digitalization - from design to production - generates a large amount of data which is logged for reasons of proof, traceability or quality assurance. Even before a product is used, a large amount of data is generated that originates from different domains along the process chain.

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The Data Mining holds together data from the respective application context. Prior to the acquisition, an application-related identification of relevant meta-data is carried out to ensure contextual integrity. As a result, classical algorithms or AI methods can be used for the analysis. High-performance computer systems and fast data storage are available as infrastructure for complex questions. The preparation and visualization of the results are carried out with state-of-the-art exploration tools such as multidimensional graphics libraries, interactive projection systems and data glasses.

We provide a deep insight into the digital data stock.

Data aggregation

  • Identification and evaluation of data sources with regard to information content and context
  • Connection of relevant data sources to the data storage including required meta-data via IoT- or edge-based interfaces
  • Provision of storage space for the recording of data over a relevant period of time

Analysis and visualization

  • Development of questions for the analysis of data sets from design and production environments
  • Derivation of parameterized analysis modules for the extraction of information using analysis pipelines
  • Visualization of analysis results in a multidimensional context using Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) technologies

Exploration of data sets

  • Analysis processes for the explorative investigation of large amounts of data
  • Infrastructure for the use of AI algorithms to uncover new effect relationships
  • Visual exploration of data sets through the use of visualization algorithms


Laser technology contributes to the digitisation in various industries. Whether as a material processing tool in automotive manufacturing, as a measuring device in the environmental sector, as a diagnostic or therapeutic instrument in medical technology or as a communication medium in space technology, the laser offers multiple application possibilities with high productivity and high efficiency.

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Data Mining

Our contributions in this range of services for the targeted aggregation of data and context-based as well as explorative analyses of large amounts of data with regard to knowledge gain and process improvement.


  • Perform AI analysis on GPU clusters for data mining across multidimensional categories and domains.
  • Data aggregation of streaming sources and data objects with meta information
  • Contctual data analysis based on freely configurable analysis pipelines
  • Recording and evaluation of machine parameters during laser material processing
  • Infrastructure with high-performance storage systems for the transmission of large amounts of data
  • Recording, synchronization and analysis of process and machine data during laser material processing
  • Data center with virtualized server structure and failover

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