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Digitalization means alteration, change, adaptation. For technical systems new sensors or complete system solutions are required to build bridges between the real and the digital world. In automation technology, components with new interfaces have been developed that can usually be integrated into modern systems with minimal effort. Existing manufacturing systems often present a challenge, especially in the case of missing solutions for digital sensing.

In this area, Fraunhofer ILT offers laser measurement technology, sensor technology and systems engineering as well as simulation and modeling systems for the digital future. Our customer-specific solutions aim at digital integration in the aims of Industry 4.0 and thus make a contribution to the digital progress.

We support you on your way to Industry 4.0.

Components for laser-based digitization

  • Sensor systems for high-resolution detection of laser-induced spectra (LIBS)
  • Sensor systems for distance detection (LIDAR)
  • Sensor systems for laser-based distance measurement (OCT)
  • Sensor systems for scanners for the spatially resolved detection of process emissions (CPC 3D-Map)

System solutions for digitization

  • Edge Devices for connecting sensors to fieldbus systems
  • Edge Devices for the integration of GPU resources into real-time systems
  • Acquisition device for field bus attached cameras
  • PLC integration of scanners


Laser technology contributes to the digitisation in various industries. Whether as a material processing tool in automotive manufacturing, as a measuring device in the environmental sector, as a diagnostic or therapeutic instrument in medical technology or as a communication medium in space technology, the laser offers multiple application possibilities with high productivity and high efficiency.

You will find further information and a selection of our products and services on the industry websites.

Digital Tools and Solutions


  • Process sensors with integrated camera systems and pyrometers for laser material processing
  • 3D process map for location-correlated process observation using coaxial sensors such as pyrometers, photodiodes and cameras
  • Powder gas jet measuring system for quality control during laser metal deposition welding
  • SeamTrack - Seam detection algorithms based on coaxial CPC camera systems
  • SeamFinder - Application for zero gap detection based on texture recognition
  • Open Diagnostic System (ODS) - System solution for the complete documentation of production processes
  • Automated, synchronous data recording with high and varying data rates from different data sources of process, machine and environment (CPC Recorder)
  • ScanControl - PLC embedded adaptive scanner control
  • System modules for FPGA-based real-time process control
  • LIDAR systems without moving parts
  • bd1 - Distance measurement system for laser-based absolute and differential distance measurement (OCT)
  • Collision prevention by computer-aided simulation of process and robot kinematics
  • Libraries for creating equidistant lines on any freeform surface
  • Modern, highly efficient algorithms for data generation in additive and subtractive manufacturing processes

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