Inline-Measurement Technology

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In the Fourth Industrial Revolution, networked technologies are on the rise, thus increasing the amount of data that needs to be processed quickly and inline. In production metrology, the importance of real-time signal processing, in particular, is increasing.

In this context, Fraunhofer ILT is developing absolute measurement interferometric sensors for inline use which make it possible to record geometric features of an object without contacting it. Sensors developed to date have measurement ranges of up to 20 mm, achieve measurement accuracies of less than 1 μm and operate at measurement frequencies of up to 80 kHz; the continuously generated data volume is processed in the measurement cycle to determine distances or thicknesses. FPGA (field-programmable gate arrays) modules are used for uninterrupted processing of large amounts of data. They can be used to parallelize and accelerate computationally intensive operations, and their processing clock is accurate down to nanoseconds.

Initial applications include the autofocusing of laser machining processes and the control of cold rolling processes in metal processing. Fraunhofer ILT has developed robust sensors with up to four independent measuring arms for laser welding or laser material deposition, among others, and which can be individually adapted to applications. Available measuring wavelengths are, for example, in the ranges around 835 nm, 1 μm and 1.5 μm.

The range of services we offer includes feasibility studies for customers’ specific tasks, the development of new processes, components and equipment, and individual consulting.

Robust thickness measurement system »bd-2« (two interferometric sensors and a C-frame).
© Fraunhofer ILT, Aachen, Germany.
Robust thickness measurement system »bd-2« (two interferometric sensors and a C-frame).
»bd-4« sensor and FIRE data processing electronics with fiber optic measuring arm (yellow).
© Fraunhofer ILT, Aachen, Germany.
»bd-4« sensor and FIRE data processing electronics with fiber optic measuring arm (yellow).
3D detection of parts on a belt.
© Fraunhofer ILT, Aachen, Germany.
3D detection of parts on a belt.

Measurement of Geometric Dimensions

  • Laser-measurement processes (interferometry, triangulation) for measuring distances and thicknesses
  • Absolute-measuring interferometric sensor technology (»bd-x«)
  • Optical coherence tomography (OCT)
  • Applications in manufacturing and process control and integration into control loops
  • Inline monitoring and control of laser manufacturing processes (cladding, welding depth, surface structures, drilling, additive manufacturing)

Chemical Analysis

  • Spectroscopic measurement technology, laser-induced breakdown spectrometry (LIBS)
  • Process analysis of metals, ceramics, glass, slag, raw materials, dust
  • Analytics for mechanical recycling, automated sorting processes
  • Positive material identification (PMI): 100% inspection of semi-finished and finished products in the production line
  • Spatially resolved elemental analysis; purity analysis of production samples, micro-inclusions and segregations in metals


  • Opening up new fields of application for laser measurement technology
  • Evaluation models and prototypes for industrial applications
  • Customer-specific systems for measuring tasks in production


Laser technology can solve demanding tasks in many different industries. Whether as a tool in automotive production, as measuring equipment in the environmental sector, as a diagnostic or therapeutic instrument in medical technology or as a communication medium in space technology, the laser provides multiple uses with high productivity and high efficiency.

Read up about the innovations of the Fraunhofer ILT in a few selected industries and convince yourself!


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