Laser Measurement Technology and EUV Technology

Laser Measurement Technology and EUV Technology

The focus of the technology field Laser Measurement Technology and EUV Technology lies in manufacturing measurement technology, materials analysis, identification and analysis technology in the areas of recycling and raw materials, measurement and test engineering for environment and security, as well as the use of EUV technology. In the area of manufacturing measurement technology, processes and systems are being developed for inline measurement of physical and chemical parameters in a process line. Quickly and precisely, distances, thicknesses, profiles or chemical composition of raw materials, semi-finished goods or products can be measured.

In the field of material analytics, the institute has acquired profound know-how in spectroscopic measurement processes. Applications are automatic quality control and positive material identification, monitoring of process parameters or online analysis of exhaust gases, dust and wastewater. The more precise the chemical characterization of recycling products, the higher their recycling value. Laser emission spectroscopy has proven itself as an especially reliable measurement tool. In addition to the development of processes, complete prototype plants and mobile systems for industrial use are produced.

In EUV technology, Fraunhofer's experts develop beam sources for lithography, microscopy, nanostructuring or x-ray microscopy. Optical systems for applications in EUV engineering are calculated, constructed and manufactured as well.

Project results

Reports from the last few years in the technology field Laser Measurement Technology and EUV Technology

Equipment Laser Measurement Technology and EUV Technology

  • Laser spectroscopy systems for chemical analysis of solid, fluid and gaseous materials
  • Laser triangulation and interferometric sensor for absolute distance and contour measurements
  • Laser coordinate measuring machine
  • Confoval laser scanning microcope
  • Scanning electron microscope
  • Apparatus to calibrate diagnostics for extreme ultraviolent radiation
  • Plant for nanostructuring by means of EUV interference lithography
  • Laboratory X-ray microscope
  • Measurement equipment to characterize EUV radiation sources and EUV optic components
  • Plasma radiation sources for extreme ultraviolet and soft X-ray radiation
  • Atmosphere-pressure plasma to treat surfaces