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Characterization of High Power Diode Lasers

  • Near and far field patterns and spectral distribution
  • Wall plug efficiency and output power
  • Polarization
  • Emitter-resolved analysis of diode laser bars
  • “Smile" measurement and strain analysis

Spectral Design

  • External resonators (Fiber Bragg Gratings, Volume Gratings) for frequency stabilization
  • Dense wavelength multiplexing
  • Analysis of thermal wavelength shift
  • Design and manufacturing of Volume Gratings

High Power Diode Laser Systems

  • Beam shaping of single emitters and laser bars
  • Systems based on Broad Area Lasers, (DBR) Tapered Lasers, Ridge Lasers and Quantum Dot Lasers
  • Spatial multiplexing of single emitters for multimode fiber coupling
  • Beam transformation and multimode fiber coupling of laser bars
  • Fiber coupling of single mode emitters
  • Super-pulsed diode lasers
  • Algorithms for automated assembly of micro optics


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