Medical Technology and Biophotonics


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Key topics of this technology field are laser-based applications in therapy and diagnostics as well as in microscopy and analytics.

Medical Technology and Biophotonics

Together with partners from the Life Sciences, the technology field Medical Technology and Biophotonics opens up new areas of applications for lasers in therapy and diagnostics as well as in microscopy and analytics. The process Laser Powder Bed Fusion, developed at the Fraunhofer ILT, allows implants to be generated, tailored to the individual patent on the basis of data from computer tomography. The material variety ranges from titanium through polyactide all the way to resorbable man-made bone based on calcium phosphate.

In close cooperation with clinical partners, this field develops medical lasers with adapted wavelengths, microsurgical systems and new laser therapy processes for surgery, wound treatment and tissue therapy. Thus, for example, the coagulation of tissue or precise removal of soft and hard tissue is being investigated.

Nanoanalytics as well as point-of-care diagnostics demand inexpensive single-use microfluidic components. These can now be manufactured with high precision up into the nanometer range using laser-based processes such as joining, structuring and functionalizing. Clinical diagnostics, bioanalytics and laser microscopy rely on the institute's profound know-how in measurement technology. In the area of biofunctionalization/biofabrication, processes for in-vitro testing systems or tissue engineering are being advanced. Thanks to its competence in nanostructuring and photochemical surface modification, the technology field is making a contribution to generating biofunctional surfaces.

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Reports from the last few years in the technology field Medical Technology and Biophotonics

Equipment Medical Technology and Biophotonics

  •  S1 laboratory for cell culture equipped with laser systems
  •  Western blot analyzer
  •  Scanning electron microscope
  •  White light interference microscope
  •  Fluorescence, interference and polarization microscopes
  •  3D microscope for surface measurement
  •  Photoelectron microscopy
  •  Contact angle measurement  system
  •  Fiber and diode lasers (λ = 808 nm, 980 nm, 1550 nm, 1900 nm)
  •  Fiber laser, λ = 1.5 μm
  •  MOPA-short pulse fiber laser, 10 ns - 500 ns
  •  3ω-Nd:YAG laser (λ = 355 nm), t = 40 - 100 ns, P > 10 W
  •  2ω-Nd:YAG laser (λ = 532 nm), t = 5 ns, P > 50 W
  •  Fine-cut Nd:YAG laser, t = 20 - 100 μs
  •  ps ultra-short pulse laser, switchable 355 nm, 532 nm, 1064 nm
  •  5 ps ultra-short pulse laser, P > 50 W
  •  Femtosecond laser, t = 200 fs, E = 1 mJ, f = 1 kHz
  •  Femtosecond laser, t = 100 fs, E = 5 nJ, f = 80 MHz
  •  Excimer laser (λ = 157 nm, 193 nm, 248 nm) up to P = 150 W
  •  Line-narrowed ArF laser for interference applications
  •  3D microscope for surface analysis
  •  XPS surface analysis