Center for Nanophotonics

At the Fraunhofer ILT, the Center for Nanophotonics combines a series of activities, thereby developing analysis systems with a resolution in the nm range, but it also generates products and components with structures far below, in the rage of several nanometers.

Examples are

  • Scanning near-field optical microscopes (SNOM) which can reach a spatial resolution far below the illuminating wavelength used.
  • Plasmonic systems with which, for example, classical micro-optical systems can be replaced with far less expensive structures.
  • Laser-generated nanostructures on surfaces, for example, for innovative electrical circuit tracks or wear-resistant coatings.
  • Plasma-based (incoherent) sources for very short wave radiation (XUV/EUV in the wavelength range of a few nanometers) with which nanostructures can be generated and analysed.
  • Ultrashort pulse laser-based coherent beam sources for XUV/EUV to generate and analyse nanostructures and to analyse material properties.
  • Laser plants to generate 3D nanostructures in transparent dielectrics.

The work is conducted in close cooperation with the departments of the RWTH Aachen University who are active in these fields (among others, the Faculty of Physics/Natural Sciences, Faculty of Electrical Engineering).