Presence  /  January 23, 2024  -  January 24, 2024

LSE - Laser Symposium Electromobility 2024

#electromobility #battery

The increasing electrification of automobiles is causing an increased demand for high-performance energy storage systems. New manufacturing methods are needed in the production of battery modules and packs in order to meet the constantly growing challenges. Highly efficient laser processes are already essential here for the entire process chain, and the share of laser technology in manufacturing will continue to increase.


The following topics will be highlighted at the sixth LSE - Laser Symposium Electromobility 2024 and presented by speakers from industry and research:

  • Laser processes in battery production
  • Laser beam sources in electromobility
  • Production equipment in laser material processing
  • Process monitoring Laser manufacturing process
  • Treatment and processing of solid batteries