Munich  /  June 24, 2019  -  June 27, 2019


Top Issues of Fraunhofer ILT

With over 540 employees, the Fraunhofer Institute for Laser Technology ILT in Aachen is one of the leading R&D institutes in its sector. For more than 30 years Fraunhofer experts have been developing and optimizing laser beam sources and methods for industrial production, medical and measurement technology, energy generation and environmental protection.


Top Issues of Fraunhofer ILT at LASER 2019:

  • Cluster Advanced Photon Sources: strategic Fraunhofer initiative for the development of high-power ultra-short pulse lasers in the multi kW range and for the evaluation of their application potential in industry and science.
  • Laser beam source development (diode, solid-state, fiber and ultrashort pulse lasers as well as tunable lasers for material processing, measurement technology and space applications)
  • Laser systems for trend-setting production technology 
  • Laser systems for satellite-based measurement of the climate-relevant gases in space
  • Optics design and development as well as packaging
  • Laser processing technology for macro processing (e.g. e.g. additive manufacturing, extreme high-speed laser deposition welding EHLA, high-speed cutting, processing head for combined laser processing methods, online process control, laser production in lightweight construction)
  • Laser manufacturing technology for micro-processing (e.g. fast, precise structuring and drilling with short pulse and ultrashort pulse lasers, laser applications in battery technology, laser bonding, thin film technology, laser polishing)
  • Modeling and simulation to optimize production processes and beam sources (e.g. Customer Simulation Tool as App for SmartDevices)
  • Digital Photonic Production (e.g. networked processes of additive manufacturing)
  • Biofabrication (e.g. micro components and supporting structures)
  • Joint project eVerest (Efficient production of large-format 3D mould tools with design surfaces)


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