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Using ultrashort pulsed laser radiation, transparent materials such as glasses, crystals or ceramics can be ablated, cut, drilled or structured with high precision for a variety of applications. By selectively ablating glass surfaces, for example, markings or scattering centers can be generated for the decoupling of light. Furthermore, material modifications and high-precision structures can be selectively introduced into the volume of transparent materials. Selective laser-induced etching (SLE) offers the possibility of producing any 3D structures and complex components from glass or other materials. In this way, even hollow bodies with complex geometries can be produced in the volume of sapphire, for example, which cannot be produced using conventional methods. In this way, complex fluid technology components can be manufactured for medical technology.

The range of services includes feasibility studies for customer-specific tasks, integration of laser functionalization into the manufacturing process as well as consulting in the design of processes and systems.

Arrangement of micro-holes in thin glass.
© Fraunhofer ILT, Aachen, Germany.
Arrangement of micro-holes in thin glass.
Chessmen made of fused silica (socket with diameter of 7 mm).
© Fraunhofer ILT, Aachen, Germany.
Chessmen made of fused silica (socket with diameter of 7 mm).
Micro-holes in thin glass.
© Fraunhofer ILT, Aachen, Germany.
Micro-holes in thin glass.

Surface Structuring and Drilling

  • Selective ablation of surfaces
  • Surface channels for cell and microfluidics
  • Micro holes for electronic interposer applications

In-Volume Structuring

  • Waveguide for optical communication
  • Integrated structures
  • Marking

Cutting of Transparent Materials

  • Processing of glass and sapphire

Selective Laser Etching SLE

  • Structures for 3D microfluidic systems
  • Printing processes for 3D components


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“Processing Glass with Laser Radiation“


“Machining Transparent Materials with Ultrashort Pulsed Laser Radiation“


“Selective Laser Etching of Glass and Sapphire“


Laser technology can solve demanding tasks in many different industries. Whether as a tool in automotive production, as measuring equipment in the environmental sector, as a diagnostic or therapeutic instrument in medical technology or as a communication medium in space technology, the laser provides multiple uses with high productivity and high efficiency.

Read up about the innovations of the Fraunhofer ILT in a few selected industries and convince yourself!


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