Micro Structuring

Products and Services Micro Structuring

Laser Ablation

  • Fabrication of tools and tool inserts
  • Fabrication of functional surfaces for modification of the wetting behavior, friction and optical properties
  • Selective ablation of thin films
  • Structure sizes < 10 μm with surface qualities < 200 nm

Laser Fine Cutting

  • High-speed cutting with cutting kerfs < 20 µm
  • Remote fine cutting
  • 3D applications

Nano Structuring

  • Fabrication of periodic surface structures by laser interference technologies
  • Structure sizes from 100 nm - 500 nm

Laser Drilling

  • Precision drilling with Æ > 30 μm at drilling depths up to 2 mm
  • High speed drilling of up to 5,000 holes/s
  • Micro drilling with diameters < 1 µm

Hybrid Processes for Micro Structuring

  • In-process laser heating for modification of the material properties
  • Fabrication of micro and nano structures by laser-assisted hot embossing

Project Results


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