Fiber Lasers

Products and Services Fiber Lasers

High Power cw-Lasers with Fundamental Mode Beam Quality

  • Free space resonators
  • Fiber-Bragg gratings
  • All-fiber lasers
  • Polarized lasers
  • Fiber laser resonators and amplifiers
  • Design and simulation

Pulsed Fiber Lasers and Amplifiers

  • Fiber amplifiers for pulsed laser diodes
  • Single- and multi-stage amplifiers
  • Gain-switched fiber lasers
  • PD from ps to µs
  • PRF from kHz to MHz

Efficient, High Brilliant Pumping Technology

  • Concentrated and allocated pumping
  • Multimode fused combiners
  • Single emitters, multi-single emitters, multi emitters

Fiber Preparation and Assembly, Fiber Laser Components

  • Cleaving, splicing, recoating
  • Fiber tapers
  • Mode strippers
  • Isolators
  • Detailed simulation 3D laser structuring for preforms and components


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