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EU Project ADIR – Demonstration for Automated Disassembly and Sorting of Valuable Materials

This is the worldwide first machine demonstration for the automated disassembly and sorting of valuable materials from electronic equipment.

The video provides information about the European ADIR project and the demonstrator developed within the ADIR project referring to the status of August 2018. The demonstrator consists of a series of interlinked machines for the treatment of end-of-life printed circuit boards of servers or computers, and the treatment of end-of-life mobile phones. These machines carry out the following actions using robotics and laser technology:

  • singuralise and manipulate objects,
  • disassemble these objects,
  • perform measurements to locate and to chemically identify valuable electronic components,
  • unsolder or cut out these components,
  • and finally sort the extracted parts to sorting fractions with high contents of valuable materials.

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